Maggie’s Brightside

Living with cancer is hard enough. Let’s make it a little bit easier.

The mission of Maggie’s Brightside is to build a supportive community for those impacted by cancer and terminal illness through generating awareness, increasing access to resources and promoting positive and honest living. Our goal is to bring services to those affected free of charge and to offer a bit of sunshine when the clouds roll in.

About Maggie

Maggie was a mother,  a wife, and a social worker, and she loved to look on the bright side. Imagine her surprise on September 29th, 2015 when she was forced to add Stage IV Breast Cancer Survivor to her list of descriptors. Her blog was started to chronical the highs and lows of treatment, parenting, and life in general.

The Latest Word

Tough Choices – The Decision to Share

"This is not something I usually lead with, but I have metastatic breast cancer. Many people I know, especially general acquaintances on social media, do not know this about me.  In fact, I’m pretty sure that some of you who read this blog know me but do not know...

Oh hey there, I’m Jane!

I knew Maggie was a force of nature. A force of fierceness and humor, of insight and brilliance, of dance and joy. I knew she was doing an incredible amount of work by starting Maggie’s Brightside and turning it into something really legit. As I read her blog posts...

A DCIS Experience with Breast Cancer

"My cancer journey was not about facing death. It was about being truthful about my life. What had fallen apart? Who had I become? What was I holding onto? Did I have the safety, support, and security to face life after cancer? Did I want to face life without it?"...

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