About Maggie’s Brightside

The Cancer Club


Maggie was diagnosed with Stage IV Breast Cancer in September of 2015 and was swiftly ushered into a new club. The Cancer Club. It is a terrible club to be in. People who are in the club are constantly under a microscope. Literally, that’s what a biopsy is. Then they are infused with toxic chemicals or exposed to radiation waves or parts of their body are removed.

The side effects of the medicine that is given are so bad it actually makes them sick and zaps their energy. Every aspect of their lives changes. Co-pays, alternative treatments and additional comforts needed for the treatment of cancer add up quickly and you find yourself stretched in ways you never expected.

The mission of Maggie’s Brightside is to build a supportive community for those impacted by cancer and terminal illness through generating awareness, increasing access to resources and promoting positive and honest living. Our goal is to bring services to those affected free of charge and to offer a bit of sunshine when the clouds roll in.

Increasing Access

When first diagnosed, Maggie found herself in a hat shop buying hats to cover her impending hair loss. The clerk, who knew her story from reading her blog, offered her 50% off on each hat she purchased.

Maggie was incredibly grateful that this person had offered her this substantial discount, but also she never would have bought those hats if she didn’t have stupid cancer and for that, she thought-people with cancer kind of deserve a discount! They want to look good, they want to feel good, and have easy and affordable access to things that will help them keep their spirits up!

Promoting Healthy Options

The products and services we seek encourage and support a healthy lifestyle and needed essentials–plus a few perks to make you smile!

Advocating for the Affected

Through our network, we work to increase the understanding and awareness of what it means to live with cancer. People with cancer need more than just medicine. Patients and families incur increased expenses for the many things that can help them feel better during their battles. Plus, when others become aware of their opportunity to help, they likely do!