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After a super rough week of adjusting to my new hairdo I was lucky enough to get to spend a weekend away!! My husband and 3 other couples we know had planned a trip to Montreal months ago and I wasn’t going to miss it! Jim’s midweek pneumonia nor Emmet being home from school for 2 days with a fever were going to stop me!! So I spent the week doing what any vain person would do…figuring out how to be the “Best-Dressed Cancer Patient” ever!

Now, when you are dressing for cancer, it’s important to remember that the clothing doesn’t stop once you get to your neck. No siree, one must include the head piece with the outfit. You don’t want to have the wrong color scarf for a fabulous outfit. It would ruin everything. For me, it was important to have great makeup too. I like a natural look, but I want to draw the looks away from my head and to my eyes, which is why a mid-week trip to MAC Cosmetics was important.

Here is one style I used for  a casual, run of the mill, day in the life of a mom-
pic of me in hatThis was great for picking up the kids, going to get coffee or meeting a friend for lunch. I wore it with one of my favorite shirts, jeans and a tall brown boot. I felt mostly normal. When I went to get the kids from school that day, the other kids did notice I looked different. But you know what those cuties did? They told me my hat looked beautiful and that they loved my shirt!! Great for a little ego boost, you know!

Next it was MAC Day. I know many people don’t think that makeup is needed, but I do. I feel like makeups job is to enhance the beautiful parts of you-make your eyes *pop* or bring out the fullness of your lips-you know? And it can also hide the less flattering parts-For me, that’s the dark circles under my eyes!! Chemo is exhausting!! As is parenting-I’ll take any help I can get!!

See the difference?Makeup day at MAC

Don’t you lie and say you can’t tell or that I look better in the picture on the left. It’s not the sun shining through the window. It’s the makeup. And that’s okay! Plus, if it makes you feel good, then go for it, right?

Next night the Browns’ were playing, so I had to show my support. Go Browns:

Me in Browns Hat

No Explanation Needed!

I tied a bandana to cover my sensitive head from itchy hat feeling and for warmth. I tend to tie and tuck so no “loose ends are hanging out”. You can see the bottom of the bandana coming out of the hat.

All of this was leading up to my Montreal trip, where I would have to actually be out in the world, walking around among other people and even dressing up to go out. I carefully packed each outfit with a matching hat or scarf. I took into consideration how warm/cold it would be and what I could wear in the day versus night. I was very thoughtful about my packing.

And then something happened. We went shopping and I found an amazing dress at an amazing store called Delano Design on Rue Saint Paul in Montreal. The experience of shopping there was amazing-complete with a stylist who attended to your every need. You found a single piece; a dress, a skirt, a simple top, and Elyse, the stylist, would have you looking amazing in a complete outfit, shoes to sunglasses in no time. It’s an experience you should not miss!!

And I found and bought a gorgeous black dress with beautiful leather detailing. It’s just amazing. I would have regretted it to walk out without it. But when I got back to our Airbnb apartment, I had no scarf or hat that would do the dress justice. So I had not choice. I put on my big girl panties and took off my scarf. It really was the best choice for the dress.

dressed up and ready to go

And it wasn’t so bad. I went out on the town and felt like a rockstar! I barely even noticed I didn’t have hair. The friends that surrounded me were amazing supports and encouraged my bold move, telling me that I was brave and strong and if I was ready I should go for it, because I looked amazing! You can’t get better friends than that!

I have not found another occasion in which to go bald yet. Also it’s cold in the world with no hair, so I’ve had a hat on, even inside, ever since. But I’m not afraid to do this again!

The moral of the story is, when your outfit begs for a bold, bald move, go for it. You’ve got nothing to fear but fear itself! And with the right people by your side, you can do anything! Here’s to a fabulously dressed group!

Girls dressed up to go out