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Welcome to Maggie’s Brightside!

Maggie’s Brightside is currently seeking corporate sponsors so that we can extend our services and increase access to needed products and services, promote healthy options, and advocate for people living with cancer.

Maggie’s Brightside has built a network of community affiliates in Vermont, who create opportunities for individuals living with cancer, to have access to discounted services and products. MBS has impacted over 1300 individuals who are impacted by cancer in just 10 months.

The products and services MBS partners with encourage and support a healthy lifestyle and needed essentials! Individuals living with cancer have a variety of needs that are not addressed through prescriptions or medicinal services covered by insurance.

MBS works to increase access to and improve affordability of healthy lifestyle choices, alternative treatments, and offers needed support and hope.

Sponsorship comes in many shapes and sizes. If you think your business could help, contact Maggie for more information! Through our network, we work to increase the understanding and awareness of what it means to live with cancer. Join us now while we work toward a solution!

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About Maggie

Maggie lived with a Metastatic Breast Cancer Diagnosis and knew that people living with cancer needed more than just medicine. Patients and families incur increased expenses for the many things that can help them feel better while living with cancer.

Living with cancer is hard enough. Let’s make it a little easier.