Maggie Card

The Maggie Card provides discounts and benefits to people with cancer.

Maggie’s Brightside Mission

The mission of Maggie’s Brightside is to build a supportive community for those impacted by cancer and terminal illness through generating awareness, increasing access to resources, and promoting positive and honest living. Our goal is to bring services to those affected free of charge and to offer a bit of sunshine when the clouds roll in.

What is the opportunity with Maggie Cards?

By working with local companies, those who carry a Maggie Card receive discounts on needed products and services while they battle cancer. Local businesses will have the opportunity of being a partner to the Maggie Card. Our local partners offer easy access to discounts, promote affordable access to healthy options, and increase awareness of the challenges faced by those living with cancer.

About Maggie

Maggie was a mother, a wife, and a social worker who loved to look on the bright side. She considered herself a warrior and a THRIVER. On September 29th, 2015 she was diagnosed with Stage IV Breast Cancer, a terminal diagnosis. Maggie started blogging about her journey and out of that, the Maggie Card was created. Her blog chronicled the highs and lows of treatment, parenting, and life in general.