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Last Thursday I had a doctor’s appointment with good ole’ Dr. Stanley-you remember the breast guru, right? She did an ultrasound of the lumps in my breast and measured the nodules on the skin. And there is a good news!! The tumors are shrinking. In fact, the tumor in my right breast has shrunk so much that she couldn’t even see it. Isn’t that great?? On the left, she would have liked to see more shrinkage. So although the news is good, she said, it’s not great. But in true #maggiesbrightside fashion, I am going to have to beg to differ.

I think, by now, you have all picked up on the fact that I will not be taken down lightly. That even though I have moments of doom and gloom, I’m quick to combat that negativity with humor, maybe a good friend, maybe a squeeze from my main squeeze or a tickle fest with my kids, maybe a glass of wine with my hilarious neighbors, maybe a cup of coffee with my mom, maybe a Bitmoji session with a number of friends or family.

BItmoji collage

It’s not that I’m delusional or don’t understand the seriousness or severity of this dis-ease, it’s just that ain’t nobody got time for that. I recently got a mini-wallet from Vermont company Flash Bags and on it, there is the Dr. Seuss quote:

“If you never did you should. These things are fun and fun is good.” 

Cause, right? (My husband may be less than impressed that it’s on my wallet, because I’m fairly certain this quote inspires additional spending, but whatever!)

But listen-as long as I’m alive (which I’m planning to be for many, many years) I want to be having fun. I want to look on the brightside and walk on the sunny side of the street. I’ll take a “pick me up” and I’ll dance like no one is watching, because that’s just who I am. Trust me, I’ll take care of myself too. There is plenty of time for tears in therapy and when my soundtrack plays that song I need to turn up to top volume and sing at the top of my lungs. There is time for rage and devastation when I’ll throw myself on my bed or to the floor and scream and cry. But then I’ll pick myself up and dust myself and move on.

This past weekend, if  you haven’t heard, there was an amazing Zumba® Fundraiser planned by an amazing group of people just for me. It was incredible. And I mean that in the dictionary definition type way: so extraordinary as to seem impossible. I really let my love light shine and I could not have felt more invincible! Crazy, right?


But this is my point. You are however you want to be. Dr. Stanley introduced a possibility on Thursday of the cancer progressing in other parts of my body and that had not even occurred to me. I still don’t really see that as a possibility and so it isn’t going to be. Because my tumors are shrinking and that is good! That is #maggiesbrightside.

My challenge to you is to look on the bright side in your life. Try it for week-or even a day. Post on your Instagram (I’m @maggievanduyn) or Facebook or just put it out into the world. Think or do one thing each day that causes you to look on the bright side even when your day sucks or something bad happens. Hashtag it #maggiesbrightside. I want to see your positivity. I wonder with all the bad things happening in the world, if we all start to look on the bright side a little more, if we can affect change. Or at least put a smile on someone’s face (definitely mine!).