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cropped-img_9555.jpgLast week I asked you to join me in the power of positive thinking and you did. You all willingly boarded my crazy train and showed me that there is truth in the combined power of positivity.

I used to take this class, or talk to these people, or read these books or something like that…I don’t know, my family thought I was hanging out with witches….whatever that’s not the point, there was this information that talked about the power of love growing exponentially. Right? So If I love something on my own, that’s awesome. If we both love something, it’s 4 times as much love in the world. Pretty cool stuff. I think it’s the same with positive thinking (This fact is not supported by science, but also who is going to argue with it?).

Anyway-I’m so pumped on positivity right now and I want to tell you about a change I’ll be making. Since everyone loves #maggiesbrightside so much, I will be transferring the content of this blog to my new blog domain I know change is scary, but we’re in this together, which will make it easier. And that way when you tell all your friends where to find my blog, it won’t be as hard to spell. It may take a few days for everything to settle nicely into my new domain, but by my next blog post, you should be just fine! Be patient with the content, for now!

As I sit here, writing my post, knowing that all of the cancer in my body is shrinking away, I can’t help but be so grateful for you all and the community that surrounds me. I am so glad that I have chosen this path of positivity and I am ecstatic that you are joining me, because even when things don’t go the way I want them to I still want to be able to look on the brightside, and you, my readers inspire me to do just that!

Thank you.