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I’m so excited about my hair! I know you are too. It’s growing! I can *almost* run my fingers through it. Yes. Go ahead, touch it. It’s so soft. Yes it does seem to be growing in lighter. I like to think I have frosted tips. It seems straight now, but maybe it will get curly later, who knows! It’s like I’m a baby all over again.

Hair Growing

One Week of Hair Growth

I know it’s crazy but I actually scheduled a haircut for next Tuesday.

Partly to wax my eyebrows, but I think I need a little neck shave to. And I’ve got a couple of unruly fly aways. And also I really miss my stylist!! I go to the Urban Salon Team in downtown Burlington. My stylist is Katie and she’s been with me through all sorts of life changes! 

I can’t actually recall how long I’ve been going there, but I think it’s been about 6 or 7 years. She was there through my second pregnancy, when I decided to get bangs, when I decided to abandon my bangs, when I dropped a bunch of weight and became a fitness instructor, when I returned to my calling as a bang girl, when I was a surrogate and finally, when I asked her to cut my hair after my cancer diagnosis.

Katie was amazing-My daughter came with me (you might remember from a previous post Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow) and I was pretty raw at that point. Katie was solid. She went to work. She let me cry when my daughter and sister walked out of the store to get hot chocolate. She didn’t push me or ask me any questions that might be too hard to answer. She just made me look amazing and helped me figure out how to style my new ‘do. She let Zoey crowd around the chair, curious about what I would look like. At the end of the cut, she hugged me and told me she looked forward to the time when I would be back.
I later learned, from an Aunt who also frequents the joint, that Katie may have shed a tear or two after I left. Her next client, a young, long-locked, lovely lady inquired about what was going on and Katie relayed the story. That young lady decided to cut her tresses and donate them so a wig could be made. I have no idea who that giver was, but I do have a picture of another adorable little giver, who also cut her hair in my honor!

Senna and me

This cutie thought that my wig was made from her hair!! Love it-and her! Photo and child courtesy of Hannah Wood

So, yes. I am very much looking forward to my hair cut and my return to my beloved stylist. A good stylist is worth every penny. They know you, they hear you and they love you and if your stylist isn’t giving you that, I’m telling you now, you better search for one who does, because you never know when you might need it.