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{Disclaimer: I’m working with The Edge Sports and Fitness to bring you this information, but the opinions presented here are entirely my own!}


New Year. New Me.

Yeah, I know it’s almost the end of February. It took me a while to recommit to my own health and fitness, you know? Plus, I want this to be a continuous commitment, not just a flash-in-the-pan “New Year’s resolution” that fades away after a month or two. So I really had to think about it. Okay, I’m not aiming for a totally new me. But I am seriously dying (no pun intended) to get my bod in shape and adjust to this post-chemo, post-ovaries, post-menopausal body and metabolism.

In the past year, I stopped chemotherapy and started new medications that offered fresh, new side effects. Muscle weakness and pain, joint pain, fatigue, hot flashes and weight gain are just a few of the gazillion side effects I could be experiencing at any moment. Just in the matter of typing a few of these sentences, I’ve gone from dressed with a sweater and scarf to wearing only a t-shirt.

Adjusting to a new body has invoked more feelings than I would like to admit. I have run the gamut of emotions. I feel sad about my thickening waistline and anxious about my sweaty hotness. My weakness makes me feel inadequate and lazy. Breathing offers a sense of peace, because I am, in fact, breathing however labored that breathing becomes.

On top of the wear and tear on my whole body, I’ve got this knee injury that has curtailed my ability to engage in my favorite source of cardio- anything dance fitness related, and I’ve had to become creative about finding a no-impact cardio exercise. And that’s where I have rediscovered swimming!!swim-lane-edge

Now, on top of everything, I am facing another round of chemo. I could very easily use this as an excuse to put off my self-improvement project. I know how chemo will impact my body, and I know that I need to be fit and strong to fight against this recurrence of cancer. Rather than slacking off, I need a strategy to strengthen my body, and help me release the stress of cancer treatment and maintenance. I have no plans to become a world class weightlifter or competitive athlete. I need endurance for a long term fight.

I’m really excited to announce that The Edge Sports and Fitness is partnering with Maggie’s Brightside for the next three months to help me work toward my fitness goals! This all started when I began to use The Edge Physical Therapy to rehab my knee. Physical Therapist, Tori Lamphere DPT, put me to work, measuring my muscle strength and weaknesses. She helped me identify which muscles I need to strengthen in order to protect my knee and she developed some swimming drills for me so that I could improve my cardiovascular health, improve my stroke and not burn myself out.

I am not the same person as I was before my cancer diagnosis, and I mean this in more than one way.

Exercise classes can be costly, however, and when you are spending $200-$400 a month on co-pays, vitamins and other medical appointments, the cost of working out can really add up. I get that exercise is an investment in my overall health, but when I’m counting my pennies, paying for fitness never comes first because I can usually figure out some free fitness activities on my own. The thing is, nothing I can do gives me the sense of community or the option to try so many different types of exercise as I’ve found at The Edge. The Edge has childcare. Easy parking. Classes throughout the day. A pool. A gym… For the value, you can’t get a better deal on fitness- or a more convenient way to get in shape.

For me, for now, that’s swimming. Low impact, and a great cardio workout. I can feel good changes in my body, but my knee isn’t getting overworked.

What I love about The Edge is that my physical therapist and personal trainer can work together to offer me the most effective exercise program without exacerbating my injuries! I also love that there are a ton of group fitness classes that I can check out and build up to as my body allows! My day-to-day schedule changes so rapidly that it’s nice to know that no matter what life throws at me The Edge has classes that will fit into any schedule and tons of open swim time and the fitness room is always available! There are many different exercise options and I appreciate that!

Having a terminal illness means coming to terms with the fact that your abilities could change at any point in time. Chemo will certainly have an impact on my strength and endurance, and I will be instructed to stay active and keep moving. This can be discouraging, at the least, and expensive, at best. The Edge is making it possible for me to keep moving and keep my fitness level up, without breaking my budget.


I’ll be taking you with me on my workouts! Maggie’s Brightside will be by my side, pushing me and encouraging me, and if you want, you can be my workout buddy! I’ll post what I’m doing for workouts on my Maggie’s Brightside Facebook page and if you want to come along, I’d love to have you! The Edge members, I’m excited to work out with you! Tell me when you are there and I’ll try to make it! And don’t forget to tag all of your workout pictures (at The Edge or otherwise) with #maggiesbrightside.

We’re going to stay strong together!