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another round of chemo

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Today I have my second to last Chemo treatment! I can actually see the light at the end of the tunnel. Today I’m hoping to schedule a CT Scan to check on the alleged pesky liver spot (which I think is gone). Once the results are in we will schedule surgery-I’m thinking mid February which will probably interfere with a family and friends trip to Jay Peak, but at least my kids will have fun going without me! 2-3 weeks after surgery I’ll start radiation and then, God willing, I’ll be done for now! (I’m currently researching all-inclusive beach vacations for my family as cancer free celebration! Suggestions appreciated!!)

As you all go back to work and school after the holiday break, I thought I would share my soundtrack with you. These are songs I am currently listening to in order to pump me up, remind me of my favorite people, dance, sing and celebrate. I’ll put them right here and you can do what you’d like with them. I’m always looking for songs to add, so if you think you have something I should be listening post it in the comments!

So in no particular order, here goes. For those who need a little tech advice, click on the song title to hear the song-it will link you to the YouTube video.

Style by Taylor Swift:  I know, T Swift. But if you had a kid Zoey’s age, you’d be listening too (am I right, DJ Zandro?). Plus, I really am striving to be the best-dressed cancer patient. I’m simultaneously planning my Chemo outfit as I write this.

Rise Up by Andra Day: See previous blog post!

Be Ok by Ingrid Michaelson: This is my current obsession leading up to my scan. I remember also listening to this on repeat when my cousin Julie had cancer, so it reminds me of her and I kind of feel like she would be sitting in my passenger seat singing along with me.

I’m Gonna Be (500 Miles) by The Proclaimers: Weird. You wouldn’t understand. It’s a sister thing. Also this is on my “all my life soundtrack”, and I don’t care what you think!

Faith by Lake Street Dive: If you haven’t started listening to Lake Street Dive yet, it’s your loss. 

Brave by Sara Bareilles: This song has a special place in my heart, but I never expected to embody it as much as I do now. Also you should watch this video.

Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots, Pt 1 by The Flaming Lips: No matter that Wayne Coyne is Jim Van Duyn’s more stylish doppelganger, I’ve always loved this song. My super bro-in-law enlightened me to the fact that this song is about fighting cancer too. No doubt I’ll be listening to it as a drift off to sleep during my Benadryl nap during chemo today! 

Jim and Wayne

I Don’t Wanna Go by Michael Franti and Spearhead: And it would be okay if this song woke me up…..if not, I’ll just have a dance party with my kids in my dreams. Just try to sit still.

I’m Alive (Life Sounds Like) by Michael Franti and Spearhead: Yes, there is more than one Michael Franti song, because there is. He is truly my favorite. His spirit and positivity are inspiring, his concerts are super fun and one time I got to hang out with him. This song also ties me to my Zumba® community, whom I love. And also I’m Alive.

I’ll Stand By You by Pretenders: Shout out to my high school girls! Remember the time Colleen got married and I made you all do interpretive dance to a mashup I made for her? That was freakin’ awesome! Let’s all thank Sarah Berger Chen for reminding us how rad this song is!

Fight Song but by Calysta Bevier: She’s the coolest and I want to be like her. If you watch this video without crying, your heart is cold and you better go hug some people to warm it up!

The Story by Brandi Carlile: This is my song for Jim.

Blessed by Brett Dennen: Because I am. Granny says.

I’ve always had a little soundtrack going in my head. When I was a kid, Karma Chameleon was on it and I thought that they were singing “Come on Comedian” and they were singing it to ME. Turns out that was not the case. I listen to songs that move me on repeat. We have dance parties many nights in our living room. Why just this morning, I played Mother Knows Best for my children while trying to get them to drink my green juice with chia seeds. I play music for my mood, the time of day, the environment I want to create. So turn it up!

What’s on your soundtrack? And what else should be on mine?