Today, Martin Luther King Day, is my last day of Chemo. When I originally received my schedule I thought, “MLK Day!! Free At Last…From Chemo”.  I thought I’d post some “Free At Last” type post and it would be clever and cute. But then I thought, “Gee Maggie, that’s awfully ethno-centric of you.” Because really, how racist of me to compare this one day where I am done with this cancer treatment to an entire race and the struggle for equality. I’m glad that I had this realization and I’m sad that the struggle continues. I wish we were a little farther along.

For me when thinking about race, it’s easy for me to fall down the shame spiral of privilege, but I don’t think that’s necessarily helpful. There is a lot for us to learn and a lot of opportunities to do that. Right now, there is not a lot of action I can take. I am on the path toward health and wellness, and right now, I’m reserving my energy.

There is however, one thing that I can do. Easily and often. And that is Love. Love everyone. Ellen DeGeneres recently said in a speech, “Deep down we all love eachother, and we need to get back to that.” So for my day of service, that’s what I’ll be doing. I’ll be loving you. And loving everyone. And being grateful that this is my last day of Chemo and that you Love me.