thankful quote

This year I give more thanks than ever. Although it may seem that I have little to be thankful for, I do not. My cup is not only full it’s overflowing. The kindness, support and generosity offered to me and my family has allowed us to continue to laugh and love while we move through this difficult time. It’s hard to figure out how to individually thank everyone and although I’ve been assured I don’t have to, I do want everyone to know how very, very grateful I am.

Thank you for the delicious meals, and organizing the meal train and thank you for donating your hard earned money to help my family. Thank you for understanding when I need to cancel your meal. Thank you for walking Miles for Maggie, throwing a Zumba® party and for PureBarre® donation classes. And for selling syrup and card-reading and t-shirts. Thank you for child care and dance lessons. And for coming to visit.

Thank you for the blankets and lotions and socks and lip balms and hand sanitizer and tea and Biotene and pre-biotics and elderberry syrup and tonics and tinctures and oils. The pictures of you wearing pink. Shaving your heads so I won’t be alone. For pushing yourselves out of your comfort zone to attend those Barre and Zumba® classes.

Thank you for texting me on Chemo Mondays to wish me luck and leaving me messages just to check in. Thank you for the emails and the FB messages and the comments on my blog from friends and family near and far, known and unknown. For the weekly letters. For the cards I get in the mail to let me know I’m in your thoughts. Thank you for understanding when I don’t call or text or write back. I will. Eventually.

Thank you for coming with me to my doctor’s appointments and the pharmacy to pick up my prescriptions and to pick out my wig and go hat shopping. Or to look for non-prescription glasses to protect my eyes. Or for telling me I’m rocking my cancer fashion. Thank you for the purple wig. And for the pink one.

Thank you for sending my kids stickers and sunglasses and coloring books and activity backpacks and healthy, frozen meals. Thank you for picking them up for the birthday party so I don’t have to think about it. Thank  you for being available whenever I need you to hang out with them. Thank you for loving them and being patient and understanding that they are so little and this is so big. For having them over for the weekend, or all day , or overnight and allowing them to be sad or mad or happy whenever they need to be.

Thank you for helping me with my bedroom. Thank you for designing and shopping and spending hours putting together my Pin-board. Thank you for painting and installing windows and putting up curtains and agreeing to go to IKEA for HOURS so I can find what I want. Thank you for building and installing a custom made closet. Thank you for delivering flowers to put in my room every other week.

Thank you for making my bed when you come over and it isn’t made. Thank you for cleaning my house every week. Thank you for picking up my clutter and doing my dishes. For making sure my fridge is full of nutritious items. Thank you for the miracle broth and the rice pudding and the ginger beer. For considering my taste buds and making sure that I have items that will encourage me to eat when I don’t want to.

Thank you for trying to get my husband to go out for a beer. For calling and checking in on him, for buying him lunch every week, for sending videos so he can have a laugh in the middle of the day. For continuing to give me shit when I pick on him. That feels normal.

Thank you for talking to me about your problems or the amazing things that are happening in your life. I want to know what’s going on with you. Thanks for bringing your new babies over and for going for walks with me even though I wish they were runs. Thank you for US Weekly. This is what I read during Chemo and it’s perfect and mindless and wonderful. Don’t judge.

Thank you to my “cancer people” who have been there before. For knowing what to say and when to say it. For guiding me through. For cheering me on.

Thank you for letting us cry and laugh and rage when we need to. Thank you for the space and the warm embraces. Thank you for holding us.

Happy Thanksgiving! May your day be filled with loving gratitude!