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Here it is. My bucket list.

Writing a bucket list when you already take life by the massively huge horns feels kind of funny. These are more like memories I want to make with my friends and family. It’s a Legacy List, a memory-making list, if you will. In fact, I’m erasing the original title of this blog post and replacing it with Legacy List, because if I don’t get through these, I hope my friends and family will keep on keeping on with the list. Except kids, you can’t go see Two Dope Queens.

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I have already begun. When I think back over the past two years and even before that, my timeline is bedazzled with with rich and exciting experiences. I took the best vacation of my life with my family in Mexico. I met Michael Franti 3 times. I had a dream trip to Paris. I’m about to perform in my first stand-up comedy show after taking a class at the Vermont Comedy Club. I’m learning to play the guitar. I started a business where I can offer discounts to other people with cancer when they apply for the Maggie Card. This is not a life I have let pass by. I am a thriver. So let’s find out what’s next!


  • Yoga Retreat with my mom
  • Disneyland or World with my family
  • Aruba with my family
  • All-inclusive vacation with my family
  • RV trip around the US
  • Spend an extended period of time on Cape Cod in the summer
  • Go see live music every month
  • Go to Nashville
  • Go to Hawaii
  • Go on a girls trip with my high school girlfriends- somewhere hot and fun!
  • Love every single room in my house and not feel like there is a major construction project anywhere
  • Go to a shooting range
  • Smash some shit- but I don’t want to have to clean it up.
  • Be on the Ellen Show to promote Maggie’s Brightside Maggie Card!
  • Go see Two Dope Queens
  • Take Zoey to an AWESOME concert
  • Go to the Rockefeller Christmas Tree
  • Turn 40 and have an EPIC birthday party
  • See Hamilton
  • Family Reunion with the Turner Family with ALL of the cousins and their children.

That’s all I can think of for now. I will be posting a new page on my website called The Legacy List. It’s likely I will add to my list as time passes. I will also cross off items I complete. So let’s get started continue making memories. Let’s keep on crossing things off of this list. Let’s keep living and enjoying and loving. That will be my legacy.