I am having a bit of an angry day and I had this whole idea about this post that I want to write about my Primary Care Physician, but I’ll give that another week because today this woman came up to me and offered me the best material! So here it is. Hold on to your chairs.

Today it happened to me for the first time. People told me it would come, but it hadn’t and I felt like I must be surrounding myself with the best kind of people who never say/do the wrong thing because everyone has been fantastic! Or maybe there was a new YouTube video on what to say or not say to people just diagnosed with cancer, because again-no mistakes yet. I mean, the only people that tell me they “Hope I feel better” are under the age of 10 and I just think it’s cool that cancer doesn’t terrify them so I’m okay with that.

So this lady comes up to me and asks me if I have looked into any alternative treatments for cancer. I stared at her blankly, because she didn’t strike me as the “Rick Simpson” type and then she says, “because there is a lot of research about nutrition and I’m just wondering if you have looked into it.” She goes on about how sugar is the WORST thing that I could eat and I’m basically feeding my cancer and I need to eliminate all sugars including sugars from fruits and vegetables from my diet for at least for a month and sugar is in everything so I should be careful, but that she is really serious. Seriously?

I mean. I get it. Nutrition is important. I love food and my people know it and so I’m into the cookbooks and the miracle broth and eating of all the cruciferous vegetables. Bring it. I mean a bunch of kale a day keeps the doctor away am I right? But Seriously, lady?

Cause here’s the thing. I’ve had a few cousins who have had cancer. One who did all of the “alternative treatments” and she died. And one who did none of them? And he’s still alive (thank goodness). And the third one was a fucking child and he died too. And guess what lady? NONE of them should have died. Cancer is just that fucked up. NONE of us should have had to deal with this.

THIS anxiety of having my hair fall out and THIS worry about whether or not I will see my kids grow up and THIS research about what to eat while I have cancer.


So scoop me a bowl of ice cream and hand me a glass of wine or shut the fuck up.

this should not be happening