What is the Maggie Card?

Maggie Van DuynWhat does it do?

The cost of cancer is tremendous. Many people have health insurance, but not everyone is that lucky. Even with doctor’s appointments and some medications covered, the basic cost of living often increases. The cost of food increases as people turn to healthier options.

Medication, vitamins, and supplements cost money. You have to spend even MORE money to buy additional supplies to manage the side effects from your treatment. Then you have to attend extra doctor’s appointments, go to yoga, keep up with exercise classes. Your skin changes, your hair changes, your body changes, and with those changes you need different skin care, haircuts and supplies and clothing options. These are all things that AREN’T covered by insurance.

Wouldn’t it be great if there was a little help with that? Meanwhile, you may have to decrease your hours at work or take unpaid time off. It all adds up and when your doctors are recommending that you decrease your stress, the bills keep coming. The Maggie Card can help alleviate that stress. It can help people afford cancer with the support of local business.

How do I apply?

Anyone with an active cancer diagnosis can apply. Once they apply they are given the card for free.